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Success Story 

Scheme-NFSA Social Audit the ray of happiness Ukia Bagh

On Dated : 09-Dec-2022

Scheme-NFSA Social Audit the ray of happiness Ukia Bagh is 80 year old belongs to a very poor family of the village Pansiali under the Kalapathar Gram Panchayat of Sonepur ` block under Subarnapur district. She has not got any kind of assistance from Govt. and going through a very critical situation. Before 10 yrs. her husband passed away due to critical illness. In the year 2018-19, OSSAAT conducted social audit with collaboration with SS & EPD Deptt. on National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) of Social Audit at Kalapathar Gram Panchayat for the Period 01.04.2018 to 31.03.2019. After intervention of the Social Audit,VRP (Sabita Karmee, Jyotshnamayee Meher and Jayanti Bagh) identified Ukia Bagh in a poor living condition and noticed that she is still in deprivation of getting her entitlements during last three months being a NFSA beneficiary. After find out the issue the social audit team placed the above the problem in Social Adit Gram Sabha. After detail discussion, the Gram Sabha instructed to the Jagana Sahayoka immediately to provide the benefit of Annapurna to Ukia Bagh. Immediately the Jogana Sahayaka provide 30 kg of Rice to Ukia for 3 month as the benefit of Annapurna Scheme under NFSA.. The Ukia Bagh happliy received her entitlements and thanks to the Social Audit Gram Sabha and the SA team.